Singles Performed By Teens Who Had Less Crossover Appeal Than Expected

One of the greatest things about the entertainment business is the relative ease with which Popular Teens (and, oddly enough, Real Housewives) can snap up ill-advised record deals. Largely lost to the annals of history, most of these teen queen songs didn’t exactly “make the charts” or, for that matter, “make any… »5/26/15 6:00pm5/26/15 6:00pm

The Jews Will Be the First to Go: DMs Received Since Making Them Public

On April 20, 2015, Twitter made it possible for everyone to receive direct messages from the general public, should they so choose. Previously, you were only able to message the people currently following you. So several hours after the new feature was announced, I opted in. This was probably a mistake. »5/19/15 5:23pm5/19/15 5:23pm

Things I Regret Saying Yes to Until the Very Moment They Happen, Ranked

I’m a pretty big “yes” person, as in if you ask me to do something, I will probably say yes, emphatically and with a smile on my face. The minute I do this, I start to regret every single second leading up to the moment where I have to do the thing you have asked me to do. When this moment arrives, it’s fine. But not… »5/15/15 5:16pm5/15/15 5:16pm

Dismemberment Plan Songs Taylor Swift Should Cover on Her 1989 Tour, Ranked

On the surface, Washington D.C. indie rock band The Dismemberment Plan and Wyomissing, Pennsylvania pop singer Taylor Swift, who just kicked off her 1989 world tour in Japan, have little in common, just kidding. They have a lot in common on the surface: they’re very white, cute, non-threatening, and they seem fun, but… »5/06/15 9:30am5/06/15 9:30am

Things That Could Kill You According to, Ranked

Weather dot com has built itself into a traffic juggernaut over the past couple of years by positioning itself as the leading source for telling you what THIS is. With great power comes great responsibility, and you won’t believe how close you are to death until you’ve checked your local forecast.… »5/05/15 5:56pm5/05/15 5:56pm

Stevie Wonder's Grammy Looks, Ranked

Last night's CBS special Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life — An All-Star Grammy Salute featured a montage of Stevie Wonder at the Grammy Awards throughout the years. The guy can dress! Or I guess that's: the guy can pick stylists. Doesn't matter. For a blind man, he has great looks. Here are all of them that… »2/17/15 12:44pm2/17/15 12:44pm