The Cosby Show, what has long been considered the greatest black sitcom of all time, celebrates its 30th anniversary in two weeks. That the show’s legendary run is marked by a return to a more diverse television landscape this fall seems fitting: NBC, ABC, and FOX, along with other networks, will debut a variety of shows that cast minority actors in lead roles (several are women of color). This push for more nuanced programming brings to mind the 1990s, a decade known for its rich portrayal of black life through shows like Living Single and Roc. Here, a completely[1] indisputable ranking of black sitcoms that aired between 1990 and 1999.

UPDATE: This post now includes Amen, which was omitted from the original ranking despite airing its final two seasons in the 90s (sorry y’all). 227 ended in May 1990, not even halfway into the year, so I don’t consider it a “90s sitcom.” Still a classic, though.

46. Homeboys in Outer Space

45. Minor Adjustments

44. Goode Behavior

43. New Attitude

42. Sparks

41. Getting Personal

40. George

39. Cosby

38. Arsenio

37. Sugar and Spice

36. The Gregory Hines Show

35. Damon

34. The Royal Family

33. Where I Live

32. The Sinbad Show

31. The Hughleys

30. On Our Own

29. Keenan & Kel

28. Between Brothers

27. Good News

26. Cousin Skeeter

25. In The House

24. My Brother And Me

23. Thea

22. The Parent ‘Hood

21. Me and the Boys

20. Sister, Sister

19. Here & Now

18. Smart Guy

17. Malcolm & Eddie

16. For Your Love

15. Out All Night

14. The Wayans Bros.

13. The Steve Harvey Show

12. Family Matters

11. Amen

10. South Central

9. Hanging with Mr. Cooper

8. Moesha[2]

7. Roc

6. The Jamie Foxx Show

5. Living Single

4. Martin

3. The Cosby Show

2. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

1. A Different World

[1] So maybe not “completely” indisputable, but like 96 percent indisputable.

[2] The author of this post was once an extra (a “non-speaking” role) on Moesha. He was paid $75.00.