The following zings are taken from the above compilation of Michael Kors' Project Runway zings. If you have your own favorite Michael Kors Project Runway zing please put it in the comments. We welcome all Michael Kors zings.

42. Stewardess

41. Pole dancer in Dubai

40. Jock strap pant

39. A loofah ruched up the front of it

38. That could be his drag name, "Origami Rose"

37. Real bitchy '80s, kind of like... Knots Landing

36. Metallic Hefty bag

35. Like, full, like, '80s, kind of Mugler "Addicted to Love"

34. MC Hammer

33. Toilet paper caught in a windstorm

32. An old diaper pushed in between her legs

31. Barmaid serving her hair

30. Bridesmaids under the sea

29. Feathered asses

28. Pooping fabric

27. Republic of Cocktail Land

26. The only possible accessory she could use with this is a wand

25. A legging that Friar Tuck would wear

24. Commes Des Garçons goes to the Amish country

23. Big bowl of sawdust

22. Pregnant witch

21. Sad chicken

20. Something a Teletubby would wear to a party

19. Voodoo princess in hell

18. Avocado goiter

17. Ugly Aztec cape

16. Victorian cocktail waitress in Las Vegas

15. Joan Crawford St. Paddy's Day party

14. Doris Day playing a postal worker

13. Tin Man Hershey Kiss garbage newspaper

12. Rigatoni Mad Max

11. A hooker or a grandmother

10. Oh my god

9. Disco soccer ball

8. Crazy disco turkey

7. Flinstone disco pouch

6. Reggae Jesus

5. Brady Bunch dashiki

4. Mexican serape gay flag


2. Transvestie flamenco dancer at a funeral

1. [Gasps in horror]