Thanksgiving is coming, blah blah blah. Let's cut the bullshit: it's pie week. Better choose wisely.

19. Orange pie

18. Miscellaneous lesser berry or mixed berry pie

17. Rhubarb pie

16. Lemon meringue pie

15. Peach pie

14. Custard pie

13. Bean pie

12. Strawberry pie

11. Coconut cream pie

10. Banana cream pie

9. Blueberry pie

8. Apple pie

7. Cherry pie

6. Peanut butter pie

5. Pumpkin pie

4. French silk pie

3. Pecan pie

2. Key lime pie

1. Sweet potato pie

[Please note: only major pies are listed here. There is no appeals process. We do not wish to hear cries for inclusion of lesser pies. Image by Jim Cooke.]