A writer wrote a thing about black women. It is bad. Very bad. Do not read this article. It will make your face do that thing where your eyebrows pinch together and your left eye starts twitching uncontrollably. Below are the keywords from this article, ranked from Bad to The Fuck You Say About Me?!

15. Bossy

14. Sharp-tongued

13. Sexual

12. Intimidating

11. Angry

10. Volcanic (used to describe the type of "meltdown" black women have)

9. Dark-skinned

8. Flawed (as in "extravagantly flawed")

7. Menacing

6. Potent (as in "potent libidos")

5. Highhanded

4. Less (as in "less classically beautiful")

3. Haughty

2. Sassy

1. Kooky (but only "slightly")