The 90s were the "Golden Age" of hip hop. Brooklyn is Brooklyn. These are the nine best Brooklyn-themed hip hop tracks of the 90s.

*Don't ask, "Oh why isn't [my favorite random hip hop song] on this list?" Only songs about Brooklyn.

9. "Brooklyn Took It" by Jeru

8. "Brooklyn Hard Rock" by Thirstin Howl III

7. "Brooklyn's Finest" by Jay-Z and Biggie

6. "A Train Express" by Group Home

5. "Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers" by Chubb Rock, Masta Ace, Jeru, and O.C.

4. "The Planet" by Gang Starr

3. "Brooklyn Zoo" by ODB

2. "Crooklyn" by Special Ed, Masta Ace, and Buckshot

1. "Bucktown" by Smif n Wessun

[Photo via Flickr. There is no appeals process for rankings.]