James Brown once said, "Hair is the first thing. And teeth the second. Hair and teeth. A man got those two things he's got it all." Brown did not have a diastema, which is a gap between two teeth, most often found between a person's central incisors.

Many celebrities have diastemas, some charming to glance upon while others severely unnecessary just buy some new teeth, damn you can afford it. Here are the most recognizable celebrity diastemas, ranked from ugly-as-a-broken-fence to winning-as-a-field-goal.

23. Woody Harrelson

22. Arnold Schwarzenegger (1977)

21. David Letterman

20. Elton John

19. Mike Tyson

18. Zac Efron Before Veneers

17. Lawrence Fishburne

16. Mac DeMarco

15. Condolezza Rice

14. Eddie Murphy

13. Vanessa Paradis

12. Jessica Paré

11. Seal

10. Andy Samberg

9. Georgia May Jagger

8. Samuel L. Jackson

7. Lauren Hutton

6. Elijah Wood

5. 50 Cent

4. Uzo Aduba

3. Anna Paquin

2. Madonna

1. Michael Strahan

[Images via Getty/Mac DeMarco image via YoursTruly]