Ranked by a seven-year-old:

1. Sally Carrera

2. (tie) Mater, Lightning McQueen, Guido

5. Luigi

6. Ramone

7. Red

8. Flo

9. Fillmore

10. T.J.

11. Sheriff

12. Sarge

13. Harv

14. Lightning McQueen's Mack Truck Trailer

15. Lizzie

16. Doc Hudson "Hornet"

17. Raoul Caroule

18. (tie) Wingo, Boost

20. (tie) The King, Recycled Batteries

22. (tie) Bob Cutlass, Tex

24. (tie) Chick Hicks, Snot Rod

26. (tie) Rusty and Dusty, the Rust-eze Brothers

Ranked by a three-year-old:

1. The King

2. (tie) "Dinoco Lightning McQueen, Dinoco Chick Hicks"

4. "Mater, who likes to fly in a helicopter"

5. (tie) Sally Carrera, Doc Hudson

7. Ramone

8. (tie[?]) "Piston Cup Lightning McQueen, Rust-eze Lightning McQueen"

10. DJ "I want DJ, I want DJ to buy."

11. "When every race cars got crashed."

12. Boost

13. Chick Hicks

14. Wingo

15. "I want to rank cars by myself. I want to type some other cars."

16. Igjfjfjffjbhggjfggggfglgnoonoobfjffjjfhhjgjb ibbbknbnbkb ;bkb lb ;b,b;'g g ./b l llb,knmbjmn,mnmnmn knm mnmnmnmm

[Image by Jim Cooke, source images via Disney/Pixar]