An orphaned sea otter pup was recently rescued and taken in by the lucky men and women of Chicago's Shedd Aquarium, and, man oh man, jesus christ, AHHH, have you seen the video the aquarium released about her? It's a very good video!

Just about every moment in the video is a cute moment, no duh, but here are the definitive top ten:

10. When the Otter Rolls Around in the Purple Stuff (2:10)

9. When the Otter Shakes Off Her Little Fur Body on the Blue Stuff (1:21)

8. When the Otter Swims With Her Little Feet (2:23)

7. When the Otter Covers Her Face While She's in the Towel at the End (3:55)

6. When the Otter First Starts Floating in the Pool (0:40)

5. When the Otter Cleans Her Little Face (1:05)

4. When the Otter Kicks Her Feet While an Overjoyed Man Holds Her (3:43)

3. When the Otter's Big Little Head Is Cradled by a Woman While She Dries off the Otter's Belly (3:03)

2. When the Otter Is Being Fed With a Bottle (3:19)

1. Oh My God, When the Otter Snuggles With the Towel, Are You Kidding Me (1:50)

According to Chicagoist, she is adjusting to her new home well.