On the surface, Washington D.C. indie rock band The Dismemberment Plan and Wyomissing, Pennsylvania pop singer Taylor Swift, who just kicked off her 1989 world tour in Japan, have little in common, just kidding. They have a lot in common on the surface: they’re very white, cute, non-threatening, and they seem fun, but definitely not quite OK. Their musical compatibility, though perhaps not immediately apparent, exists because their music stems from nearly all of the same areas.

The Dismemberment Plan and Taylor Swift share an ability to disguise pain with a beat you can dance to, play-rap with unearned confidence, construct portions of their songs dedicated only to speaking or imitating someone else speaking, and simultaneously break our hearts and build us up. Taylor Swift would love the Dismemberment Plan. (Not promising.) With that said, here are the Dismemberment Plan songs she should cover on her 1989 world tour—the setlist from which has already “gone viral” and somehow includes, at this point, zero (0) Dismemberment Plan covers—ranked:

10. “Rusty”

9. “Come Home”

8. “Superpowers”

7. “Spider in the Snow”

6. “If I Don’t Write”

5. “The Face of the Earth”

4. “Gyroscope”

3. “The Ice of Boston”

3. “Tonight We Mean It”

2. “The City”

1. “Following Through”

What Dismemberment Plan songs do you think Taylor Swift should cover on her 1989 world tour?

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