In 2012, Y Combinator founder Paul Graham offered the following words of wisdom on creating companies: "The way to get startup ideas is not to try to think of startup ideas. It's to look for problems, preferably problems you have yourself."

That worldview has inspired entrepreneurs to address the kind of problems one can "solve" with "a nice and clean technological" fix. Here are those problems, ranked.

21. Problem of getting up from chair to eat food

20. Problem of needing vintage decor for your man cave

19. Problem of history not repeating itself

18. Problem of finding cheap labor for annoying errands

17. Problem of having feelings and nowhere to put them

16. Problem of not understanding other humans

15. Problem of wanting to shit-talk with impunity

14. Problem of ohmygee, what is that song?

13. Problem of trying to find loosely-vetted nearby establishments

12. Problem of pretending it's safe to share (nudes)

11. Problem of thinking you might be good at stand-up

10. Problem of playing Hot or Not on your phone

9. Problem of wouldn't life be nicer if you had a personal driver

8. Problem of leaving your past behind

7. Problem of where do I put my humblebrag so everyone will see it

6. Problem of leaving home to get food

5. Problem of cheaply sending texts, photos, and videos outside the U.S.

4. Problem of searching the Internet

3. Problem of getting from one place to another

2. Problem of finding Osama Bin Laden

1. Problem of colonizing Mars

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