One of the greatest things about the entertainment business is the relative ease with which Popular Teens (and, oddly enough, Real Housewives) can snap up ill-advised record deals. Largely lost to the annals of history, most of these teen queen songs didn’t exactly “make the charts” or, for that matter, “make any money at all.” But they still totally rule!

10. Lindsay Lohan, Rumors

9. Selena Gomez, The Heart Wants What It Wants

8. Leighton Meester, Somebody to Love

7. Rita Ora, Who?

6. Anna Kendrick, Why Is This Happening

5. Scarlett Johansson ft. Este Haim (performing as The Singles), Sure Whatever Guys

4. Rumer Willis, I Have Famous Parents

3. Paris Hilton, Stars Are Blind

2. Hilary Duff (performing as Lizzie McGuire), This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

1. Hilary Duff (performing as Isabella Parigi), This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

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