Ouija, this year's studio horror flick timed for Halloween, is not a scary movie. In fact, its scares almost only come in the form of jump scares—fake outs that are generally accompanied by a loud banging to make you flinch. Relying on these cinematic jack-in-the-boxes is bad filmmaking. Ouija is a bad film. Below, Ouija's jump scares are ranked.

16. A little girl's sister

15. Pete

14. A boyfriend

13. The slamming back door of a restaurant

12. The slamming front door of a house

11. A hard knock on the door of a bedroom

10. A woman jogging in spandex

9. A woman running while screaming

8. A shopping cart full of rusty cans

7. A swiftly moving Ouija™ brand planchette

6. A woman swiftly being pulled into a vent or very small crawlspace

5. A burner turning on

4. A hand smearing frost in the inside of a car window

3. A leg stepping from behind a beam

2. Teen Witch

1. A kid with her lips sewn shut